*pic of youth room and youth in it*

The English Youth Fellowship meets at the Youth Room on Sundays, at 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. The fellowship consists of young people from Form 1 to college students.

A fellowship that is “by the youth, of the youth, and for the youth,” we emphasize on our 3T objectives, which is to Teach, to Train, and to Tell. Our three-fold aim is to teach young people the Word of God, to train them for leadership, and to inspire them to tell the Gospel to their contemporaries. The youth groups, Benjamin and Judah, aids the young people in these aspects.

This year, the English Youth Fellowship is using the Wonder Book as the backbone of the teaching syllabus. Using simple Bible stories, lessons are individually crafted into engaging classes to challenge the belief systems and core values of the youth. Starting from the story of Creation and culminating on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Wonder Book offers a wealth of lessons that the youth can thrive on.

*pic of a class going on*

Besides a systematic teaching approach based on the Wonder Book, the English Youth Fellowship has an Open Topic session once a month. Using a value-based  approach and dealing with soft skills, the youth are challenged to live out a wholesome life, driven by fundamental biblical principles.

*pic of Scream activity*

Also, on every last Sunday of the month, the fellowship has a SCREAM activity. SCREAM, which is an acronym for Special Creative Ministry, is handled by equally creative people who organizes activity-based events. Each SCREAM activity is driven home with a message that is tied up with the main activity itself. This special, out-of-the-box and often out-of-the-doors experience is often very welcoming for newcomers.

The Youth Fellowship uses English as the main medium of communication. For more information, kindly contact these persons below:

  • Mr. Cheah Wing Choong (012-282 3809,
  • Joshua Hooi (016-206 0041,
  • Yvonne Lew (017-911 7033,
  • Yap Li Ean (012-695 3838,

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