Hosea – The Story

Julius Evanson spoke the first of his 3-part series on Hosea. Dealing first with Hosea – The Story, he will be speaking on Hosea – Theology this Sunday, followed by Hosea for Today during the following Sunday.

It is indeed very helpful for us to use the “Fifteen Days With Hosea” handout thoughtfully prepared by Julius. Everyone is strongly encouraged to use the proposed reading plan before coming to the Lord’s Supper. Going through the thought processes required in this 15-day exercise will definitely aid us in understanding God’s message to us through Hosea.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” Often we hear that question, but we have stopped asking, “Why do bad things happen to bad people?”

The story of Hosea is a story of how Israel, during an era of prosperity, is ironically living in very dangerous times – an era of moving away from God. Baal worship has turned the hearts of the Israelites away from God. Turning towards Baal who can give you the rain that you want, has become more popular than turning towards God who gives you what you need, not what you want.

God seeks to make a strong object lesson through Hosea. God tells Hosea to take for himself an adulterous wife. Hosea marries a prostitute, called Gomer. Gomer bears Hosea three children – Jezreel, Lo-Ruhamah (meaning, not loved) and Lo-Ammi (meaning, not my people).

Through very vivid descriptions of prostitution, marriage, adultery and reconciliation, God demonstrates this key message to the people: Israel, you have messed up big time. Israel, God wants you back big time.

Julius Evanson will be speaking in Kepong Gospel Chapel again this Sunday. He will be talking about Hosea and its theology.

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